Building a home is an American Dream, but for some the process of realizing their dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Earth Crafters has set out to assist both homeowners and professionals navigate the planning,permitting, and management of residential home building. Our motto is: Your Dream, Our Plan, Your Home. We are passionate about those words and work hard to ensure the homebuilding process is as simple as the six words that encompass our motto. We would love to help you in anyway we can throughout any part of the process. Whether you just need an hour of our time, or a complete construction management solution, we’re happy to help.

Earthcrafters was founded by Mark Plummer with experience developing residential properties dating back to 1983. Ever since the beginning, Mark has implemented Low Impact Development (LID) principals in his site planning at a time when LID wasn’t prevalent. His passion for homebuilding and site development is apparent within 5 minutes of meeting Mark. His experience and diligence in planning and management allows Earthcrafters to Guaranty Customer Satisfaction.

Earthcrafters understands the complex and sometimes conflicting requirements. Working with you to manage expectations Earthcrafters will assist in building your dream.
My wife and I were so blessed to have Mark’s help right up front when we started our building process. He helped remove a lot of the mystery and apprehension of getting started and worked with us to figure out a scope-of-work so we didn’t miss some of the big things we would have without his experience. He also helped us get our permits and found a LOT of ways we could save on the costs of our site-prep and building. Sitting here in my new home-office I can’t help but smile thinking about EarthCrafters. Thank you, Mark for the great help and the great value of your work!

Jeremy McMahan

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