Planning is The Earth Crafters way to success. Your dream will remain a dream until you begin to plan for reality. Planning is the most important step you can take. Like anything else, planning for a home can take many forms, but it doesn’t have to cause you a headache. Let us show you how to plan for success.

Our goal is to ensure your plan is a good plan; and more importantly a feasible plan. With Good Planning you will:

Save Money

With our plan there is no guessing game. We schedule the exact steps you need to take to move from planning, to permitting, to building. A common pitfall in building a home is due to incomplete submission of forms for permitting. Our plan ensures efficiency.

Save time

Incomplete permitting, contractor’s schedules, and unforeseen problems can delay your project. Good planning will keep your project on track and speed the process.

Remove stress

Here at Earth Crafters we can proactively manage stress with good planning.

Reduce Engineering Costs

Much of the engineering has a prescriptive path that enables you to complete it without the assistance of a professional engineer.

Planning is our focus. As you can see, once you have the plan in place the rest follows suit; the next phase is permitting.
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